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Clear Negative Influences

Create Healthy Boundaries

Revitalize Your Spirit

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Are you ready for a fresh start?

Tired of being affected by other people's negativity?

Ready to have an infusion of a really good juju!

It is time for an energy upgrade! Through this program, you will learn how to release the toxic stuff you’ve picked up around you, heal energetic wounds and build powerful boundaries.

When I started on my spiritual path I knew very little about the tools and techniques available to shift the energy around me. I used incense when I meditated and that seemed to create a positive environment for my meditation but I often wondered if that was just in my mind.

I attended workshops where practitioners burned white sage, used singing bowls and water to clear the room but I never thought I could do it on my own.

Over time, the healers who helped me clear negative energies and attachments from me suggested I create a routine at home that would “maintain” a good energy balance around me.  At first I resisted.  It felt like a lot of work and honestly I didn’t want one more extra thing to do.

But being the “good student” I did it anyway and was shocked to realize how much easier life was when I wasn’t walking around carrying around a bunch of stuck energy.  

I started to apply what I was learning consistently and things shifted for me in powerful ways. I started to sleep better, feel better and had an easier time completing projects.

I now have a daily energy clearing and protection routine that is as important to me as showering, and brushing my teeth.  

I also have plenty of tools to clear my home and office when energy gets stuck, either because our family experiences a loss or we’ve struggled in some way.

Now, more than ever, I can see we all need these tools, techniques and practices available to us.  For that reason I asked my friend and mentor, Deana Paqua, to work with me to create a program that will give you exactly what you need to keep your energy clear and clean as you walk through this world.

In Energy Upgrade you will receive everything you need to know to release stuck energy for yourself and your family.  We’ll show you: 

  • The energy clearing tools that are right for you (and where to purchase them) so you never have to go searching for what to use in what circumstance.  (Hint: Smoke cleansing using herbs such as white sage isn’t right for everyone.  Learn what works for you!)
  • How to connect to the energy medicine of your ancestors so you are using items that have the strongest association with your own family lineage
  • Processes to connect to protectors and allies in nature such as animals, trees and flowers that are ready and willing to support and guide you
  • A simple 5 minute morning process that surrounds you with strong powerful energy and keeps you protected from whatever other energetic influences you may encounter in your day
  • The key components of energetically clearing your space so you can plan, work and play in spaces filled with love, joy and ease
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This program is broken down in modules so you can jump right to the information that you most need when you need it.  Here is how it works:  

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Smoke Cleansing

Unlock the power of smoke cleansing and understand the healing and clearing properties of:

  • White Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Sweetgrass
  • Mugwort
  • Juniper

Learn how to grow and harvest your own smoke cleansing herbs so you never have to go further than your back door for your own personal “medicine.”

Understand the role the abalone shell, feather and other tools play in bringing in the elements of the earth to aid in your energy clearing and protection


Align with Crystals that have strong protective properties.  There are a number of crystals that have tremendous gifts to offer us when we honor their magic.  In this module we’ll introduce you to the key crystals we like to use to protect and strengthen our spaces:

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Selenite
  • Smokey Quartz 
  • Shungite 
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Learn simple ways to use the sound created by household items to free stuck energies from tricky areas, ceiling corners, closed spaces and even desks!


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Power Animals/ Ally

Learn how to work with specific power animals to create protection and clarity on your journey. Through this lesson you’ll be introduced to the various ways to interact with our animal allies.  

Bonus: Power Animal Meditation

Have you ever wondered what your specific Power Animal is?  Through this meditation you will discover the animal that is ready to work with you on your journey. 

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 Tree Medicine

Learn how to work with your personal tree medicine.  This may be a tree you’ve come to love or one that has supported your ancestors for centuries. Working with tree medicine allows you to tap the deep healing and protective energies of our earth mother.

Bonus: Tree Empowerment Meditation 

Through this guided meditation you’ll connect with the tree aligned with your soul’s journey to help you on this path

Flower Essences and Herbs

Have you seen others talking about essential oils but you aren’t completely sure the best oils to use for various energy needs?  In this lesson you’ll learn the oils that are best for overwhelm, irritation, toxic clearing and more!

You’ll also uncover:

  • How to blend various flower essences and herbs to create healing baths that will quickly and easily clear toxic residue from your body and soul
  • The only herb that attracts money
  • Which flower essence can transform negative thoughts
  • Essential oil to create the energy of wealth

Finally, learn how to use simple household items to create a salt bowl that can cleanse the energy and air around you without you having to do a thing!

Bonus: Deana’s Personal Recipes for Clearing Baths, Salt Bowls and Herb Pouches

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Clearing and Protecting Your Body

Learn the simple 5 minute process to use each morning to clear any negative energy around you, strengthen your energy field to keep unwanted energies out and call in your power animal and tree medicine to protect you throughout the day.

You’ll learn how to apply specific tools when you feel you’ve encountered negative people that have literally left their “stuff” on you so you can clean that unwanted energy and transmute it with the help of Mother Earth.

Clearing and Protecting Your Space

Each space we live and work in has energy. When that energy gets stuck it can keep us stuck.  In this lesson you’ll learn 3 simple process to:

  • Lift heaviness from your work area
  • Clear disruptive energies so you sleep more easily
  • Unstick energies so that the spaces you spend most time in are relaxing oasis, not chaotic environments
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If you are ready to unlock the power and clarity that comes with strong, clear, protected energy, access this program today!

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About Your Hosts

Patty Lennon

Patty Lennon is a keynote speaker and best selling author that helps women create space for magic in their lives and businesses.  

Patty is a former Type A Corporate Banker who opened to her intuitive gifts at 35.   When her father passed away in 2019, the events that followed revealed a deep connection between intuition and the amount of abundance, support and love we are willing to allow into our lives.

She founded The Receiving School to help others open to their own receiving energy using a blend of common sense, brain science and a dash of magic ;)

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Deana Paqua 

Deana Paqua is a teacher and practitioner of Cross-Cultural Energy Medicine and Contemporary Shamanism, a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher in practice for over 22 years. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, CT and serves on the Advisory Board of the Institute of Holistic Health Studies.
Deana offers training programs, classes, healing sessions, space clearings and more for holistic-minded spiritual seekers and the energy sensitive for self-healing, self-empowerment and to transform trauma into triumph.

Ten percent of the profits from this course are being donated to the Heartwalk Foundation to support the indigenous Q'ero tribe of Peru, and the Mohegan Tribe of CT in honor of sacred reciprocity.