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In this course, you’ll be introduced to the magic
you can access through a pendulum!

Learn how to:

  • Choose a Pendulum that is right for you
  • Clean and Clear Your Pendulum to get exact answers to your questions
  • Understand Your Pendulums language so you don’t have to wonder what it’s telling you
  • Strategy to ensure you are getting accurate readings
  • Develop questions that will assist you in getting to the truth of what you must know right now
  • Learn the difference between Spirit Guides, Angels, Your Higher Self and The Divine and how to connect to each one individually
  • 30 Second process to establish protective energy around you
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And it gets even better with two exclusive bonuses: 



3 Simple Effective Strategies to Clear Your Space and Mind



Guided Meditation to connect you to your Spirit Guides and ask them questions directly


If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]
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