Oracle Deck

The Space for Magic Deck contains 44 oracle cards that help you reconnect to that Universal support. With simple straightforward messages, you’ll hear the messages The Divine, Angels, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors have for you.

You’ll no longer feel alone on your journey as you discover the wisdom that is waiting to guide and support you. 


Space for Magic Journal

Using This Journal Will Help You:  
  • Keep track of a simple guided practice that opens you up to the magic the Universe is sending you 
  • Attract your desires without overwhelming or complicated “Manifestation” practices 
  • Allow in more abundance, support, and love with this proven journaling method 

The Magic Lounge

Awaken clarity and allow in all the abundance from the Universe - without effort or confusion.

The journey to abundance in all its forms isn’t always clear. There are many paths, and the end of one path can be a fork in another direction that you've never considered before. It feels like all the decisions are always on your shoulders when what you really need is support and community!

Make Space for Magic by Patty Lennon

Make Space for Magic

Have you lost track of what makes you happy? Do you feel exhausted by life and overwhelmed with your responsibilities? Do you find yourself longing for the energy and sense of possibility you once had? In Make Space for Magic, I walk you through the steps to feeling alive again.


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