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The world is evolving.
Do you wish you had more guidance, clarity, and support during this time of transition?

Confused about how to connect with your inner wisdom and gain clarity about the changes occurring in your life or business?

You are in the right place!

Does this sound like you?

  • You know you should stay positive and you sense things are getting better, but sometimes the weight of your daily responsibilities and the people around you makes that hard
  • You’ve struggled to stay consistent with a routine that keeps your vibration strong and helps you feel happy 
  • You’ve started to see hints of magic popping into your life, but you have no one to share those moments with
  • You’ve digested so many spiritual and self-improvement books, videos and courses that you’re overwhelmed about what will help and what is just adding to your overwhelm 
  • If you just had a straightforward, practical  guide who could take you by the hand and simplify it all, you would feel so much better


It's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life. We have a lot of choices and decisions to make each day, making it hard to focus on what matters most.

Too often we get so caught up in the stress of life that we forget to stop and enjoy it

The journey to abundance in all its forms isn’t always clear. There are many paths, and the end of one path can be a fork in another direction that you've never considered before. It feels like all the decisions are always on your shoulders when what you really need is support and community!


  • To get weekly prompts that guide you toward exactly what you can do (quickly) each day to clear blocks to abundance and open to the magic of the Universe
  • To receive weekly oracle card readings that reveal what you can expect in the days ahead, so you can greet each day with joy and possibly even (gasp!) fun
  • To have the confidence to follow your own inner wisdom
  • To have access to straightforward advice and guidance on how to tap into the love and support the Universe has for you
  • To have a library of content at your fingertips that will give you both the training and encouragement you need to create the most delicious version of your life and work?
  • To have an expert on hand who can answer your questions
  • To have an amazing community of like-minded seekers who support you and keep you motivated?
  • To strengthen your journey with quarterly guest speakers and workshops
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Patty Lennon and the Magic Lounge Library

The Magic Lounge is an online community that will help you find clarity, focus, and inspiration so you can easily manifest your dreams into reality.


Beverley Thom

Patty is so open and honest. I love the way she shows herself that she’s not afraid to cry. She’s so open and willing to share so much. She’s sharing her gifts, her insights, her honesty, she’s just amazing. I am so pleased to have found her. She makes you feel special. It’s nice to be part of the group, it’s like having friends you can share with without being judged.

Mary Gibson

Patty is so down to earth and you can tell her anything. She doesn’t bullshit you back, she gives you [answers] as it is and sometimes, that’s what you need to take on board all the things that you’re processing. She’s approachable, you can ask her anything and nothing’s too silly. She encourages you to ask questions, which is really good.

Kathy Burgess

Patty is so kind, knowledgeable and down to earth. She starts easy, then you start to learn and do some homework, then you start adding those to your life. She knows what she’s doing and gives her all. She’s really interested in taking care of us and I’m so appreciative of her.




Feature #1 Live Coaching and Q&A

Each month we’ll hop on a group live coaching call where I answer your questions directly and help you with the specifics around your energy flow, tapping your intuitive gifts and clearing blocks to abundance, love, and happiness. 

All of the coaching calls are recorded and available on-demand in The Magic Lounge library.

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Patty Lennon holding oracle cards

Feature #2 Weekly Oracle Card Readings

Each Monday morning, I’ll go live to tap the wisdom of the Universe and learn energies at play that week, so I can uncover what support is available to each of us on a planetary level.

Feature #3 My Entire Video & Audio Library

  • All of my video/audio content from the past 6 years, catalogued and at your fingertips
  • My podcast, Facebook Lives, and free trainings—all transcribed, categorized by topic, and searchable by keyword
  • You’ll even get three core training programs worth over $597. These include The Sacred Art of Receiving, The Space for Magic Journaling program, and The Receiving Method, all available to binge-watch whenever you like!
  • As I produce more of the content our members request, you’ll find it here as well.
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Writing on notebook and coffee

Feature #4 Guided Weekly Journal Practice

Access my simple 5-minute weekly journal practice that will immediately increase both your vibrations and the magic and miracles flowing into your life. You’ll receive daily prompts in our community to keep you accountable and engaged in this process so you never have to worry about consistency again.

Feature #5 Facebook Community

I feel blessed to have an amazing community of really good humans just like you who help and support each other. Our community is truly one of the best things about this membership.

Facebook Mobile and Coffee
The Magic Lounge Community Call

Feature #6 Guest Speakers

Each quarter, we invite guest speakers to give the community exclusive training or speaking sessions and have access to them during sessions for questions and answer for additional guidance on your journey.


When you join The Magic Lounge, you gain access to coaching calls, weekly oracle card readings, a supportive community, quarterly guests, and more!



The Magic Lounge

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Petra C.

The changes I have made since being a part of the Magic Lounge continue to grow exponentially. It is interesting to notice how subtle shifts build to create fundamental impacts.

Wendy W.

Being a member of the Magic Lounge was pivotal in helping me through a period of change and adjustment. I might not access all the things in the Magic Lounge but I absolutely love the things I do access!

Janet B.

I love how wee bits of magic are popping up at just the right moment! 


Jodie K.

I love this group and Patty who has opened my eyes to the magic all around me!



Patty Lennon headshot

Hi, I'm Patty,

If we haven’t met yet, let me share a quick summary of my background so you understand why I’m so passionate about this community and what led me to create The Magic Lounge.

Fifteen years ago I was a Type A corporate banker with absolutely no access to my own intuitive gifts or wisdom. A series of magical events led me to leave banking, get my Masters in Psychology, and open to what I now call the “magic” of the Universe.

You may use another word. When I say “magic,” I’m talking about the force that exists on our planet, fueled by Divine Love. It is the power that can bring our deepest, most fulfilling desires to life, even if they seem beyond human effort.

My mission is to help you understand how much the Universe loves you and wants to help you. Using a blend of brain science, practical techniques, and metaphysics, I can show you how to invite this magic, this love, into your life.

What I have found in my years of teaching and coaching is that it is much easier to create this flow when we act in community--which is why I created The Magic Lounge. I wanted you, myself, and all the people who know our planet is evolving (for the better) to have a space to gather, learn and support each other as we live our best lives.

In this safe environment, you will be able to relax your mind, body & soul while creating lasting memories with new friends who share similar values to your own.

Wondering if this is for you

You should join if...

  • You sense you may be blocking the abundance flowing to you, but you aren’t sure how to get out of your own way (or even how you are getting in the way to begin with)
  • You remember being much happier than you are now and are confused about how to tap into what will light you up again
  • You have a bigger dream for your life and can feel the possibility, but you need support and community to create that future
  • You understand that the planet is evolving and you want to be part of that evolution, but aren’t sure where to start

You are a loving, giving person.

You do all the right things to contribute and care for the people around you.

You deserve to be supported in your own journey, too—let me help you!

Yes, I'm in!


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