Time Flow for the Soul

Make space for what matters most to you

During this course, you will learn:

  • How to schedule your day so you feel organized each morning and satisfied each night
  • 3 Simple Spiritual practices you can do each day in less than 1 minute that will fill you with peace and connect you to Spirit.
  • What to stop doing each day that will instantly improve your mood and increase your vibration (this one will feel so obvious you’ll be surprised you didn’t do it sooner!)
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Time is our most precious resource. You know it. I know it.

Yet, we rush through our days desperately trying to get enough “to do’s” checked off the task list that we’ll be able to lay our heads down at night and actually sleep without worrying about what still has to be done.

And guess what usually gets left off that important task list most days? …. You!

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Live Workshop with
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How You'll Grow from Time Flow for the Soul

Time to Rest

Time to connect to yourself

Time to enjoy your life

Show me how!

The wisdom of time lives inside our bodies...

so when other people’s demands dictate our schedule, we lose track of how to use our time well and how to stay in the flow.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t meet obligations or help others or show up. It simply means that the way all that happens - the schedule, the amount of time it takes needs to come from within. 


During this course, I will give you

  • 2 questions to easily clear up confusion about how you are meant to spend your days. They will pull you out of fear-led scheduling and into your own wisdom about what is right for you.
  • Access to both your future self and your past self. These versions of you that exist along the timeline of your soul's life are deeply connected to your soul’s path and able to advise you in ways no other can. 
  • Finally, I’ll share 2 scheduling tools that will make you more productive and effective and explain why the brain needs you using these tools so that the soul can stay in charge of your schedule.

Meet your Hostess

Patty Lennon is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and founder of The Receiving School®.

She is a former type-A corporate banker that discovered there was more to living than making money.  She left banking to help others do the same.

She is a certified coach with a masters in psychology and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Daily Worth.  She blends brain science and metaphysics to help her fellow humans find clarity, focus, and inspiration so they can easily manifest their dreams into reality.

Patty hasn’t found a crystal shop or bookstore she can’t get lost in. She loathes shopping in all other forms.  She loves chocolate, Autumn in New England, and watching her two teen children discover what lights them up.