Powerful 5-Step Program to Shake Off Your Past and Fire Up Your Future

I'm ready!

Unleash Your Magic is for you if you are ready to break free of guilt and doubt and experience a deep sense of peace, possibility, and prosperity.

Let me ask you...


  • Do you want to feel present and engaged and enjoying life? 
  • Are you ready to create new beginnings, increase inner power and manifest your deepest desires?
  • Are you open to an experience that will wash away the sediment that has built up around your vision and see your path forward clearly?
  • Most importantly… are you ready to have fun?!!

Goodbye Doubt… Hello Possibility


You aren’t looking to give up. In fact, it's just the opposite! You need a reset! It's time to shake off the indecision that has built up over the last few years and free yourself to make plans with confidence!

You'll walk away feeling grounded, clear, and ready to take action on the dreams you have waiting deep inside your soul!

Unleash Your Magic!


This event will evoke dreams, and we want you to walk away with a defined sense of purpose coupled with enough courage to pursue new possibilities with excitement!

It's time for you to OWN THE LIGHT you want to see.

Be Hopeful. Be Authentic. Be You. 

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Meet Your Host


Patty Lennon is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and founder of The Receiving School®.

She is a former type-A corporate banker that discovered there was more to living than making money. She left banking to help others do the same.

She is a certified coach with a masters in psychology and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Daily Worth. She blends brain science and metaphysics to help her fellow humans find clarity, focus, and inspiration so they can easily manifest their dreams into reality.

Patty hasn’t found a crystal shop or bookstore she can’t get lost in. She loathes shopping in all other forms. She loves chocolate, Autumn in New England, and watching her two teen children discover what lights them up.

A few things we’ll dive into …


✔️ How to determine what you really want and call it to you without massive amounts of action

So you can own and get excited about your deepest desires, free from doubt and fear

✔️ Exactly what your Spirit Team wants you to know right now!  

You’ll be guided to connect to your personal Council of Elders for guidance and wisdom. Parse out what yours to take action on and what is being handled by the Divine realm

✔️ Harnessing the Strength of the Divine Energy

Shake off old patterns and turn up the volume on your own inner power and brightness.

Our Guest Wisdom Leaders

Deana Paqua

Shamanic Journey

Connect to your personal Council of Elders for guidance and wisdom 

Lynn Trotta

Summer Solstice Ceremony

Harness the power of the Sun to create momentum in your life while experiencing the interconnectedness we share with all beings on this planet.

Whitney McNeill

Channeling Messages

During this fun interactive experience you’ll understand how to work with your Spirit Team through oracle cards

You know this is for you if...

✔️ You’ve been struggling to appreciate the blessings in your life even though you know you are blessed

✔️ You sense that your life is meant to be bigger (or at least different) and you are unclear about what is holding you back

✔️ You’ve been doing the work. You’ve been plugging along. Things just aren’t changing quickly and you need a Divine power boost to your efforts

✔️ You are ready to stop second-guessing and seeking and start receiving and creating

✔️ You are ready to step into a new level of personal power and unleash your magic in the world!

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In the first half of this program, you will take a journey inward to discover where you are stuck and how to release the past.

Each session focuses on these key areas:

✔️ Sacred Forgiveness Process to free yourself from past wounds and guilt

✔️ Cut cords to dissolve energy binds that others have attached to you

✔️ Uncover Hidden Desires that will wake you up to the excitement and passion waiting for you!

✔️ Call in Spirit Guidance for Healing to amplify the effects of the work we do together




In the second half of this program, you will ride the waves of the powerful fire/ solar energy you ignited in Part 1.

Each session is designed to help you create a future brighter than you could imagine! You will

✔️ Call forth your Future Self to guide you to the next stage of your life

✔️ Connect to Your Council of Elders for Guidance on overcoming obstacles

✔️ Light the spark of manifestation in the hidden desires you identified in Day 1

✔️ Work with Spirit Guides through Oracle Cards

✔️ Receive clarity on what you need to do next (and what is being handled in the Divine Realm) so you can move forward with confidence!

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